Dual-Ended Combat ArmsTM Earplugs Specifications Document

The manufacturer of these defective earplugs originally published the specifications of these earplugs here:  http://multimedia.3m.com/mws/media/851487O/combat-arms-earplugs.pdf – however  this now returns as a not found, which means the company has subsequently removed the document. Our attorneys have secured a copy of the original specification document, embedded below. A few of the pertinent claims (which are alledgedly false, and which were already settled in 2018) and benefits of these military earplugs have been extracted and detailed below.

Dual-Ended Combat ArmsTM  Earplugs
• Original patented dual-protection design
• Designed to allow wearer to hear low-level sounds when the yellow side of the earplug is inserted
• High-impulse noise attenuated quickly
• Premolded triple-fl ange-design fits most earcanals
• Comfortable and reusable
• No batteries required

Dual-Ended Combat ArmsTM  Earplugs

Patented “technology”?

Within this same document:

Patented Dual-Protection Design
Open/Weapons Fire Mode: this earplug’s patented design gives wearers a better ability to hear low-level sounds critical to mission safety – conversation, rifle bolts. When needed, the plug’s filter provides attenuation of high level noises like weapons fire and explosions.

And with specific reference to the Dual-Ended Combat ArmsTM Earplugs

Defective 3M Ear plugDual-Ended Version
Sound travels into the opening at the middle of the earplug and down the sound channel in the yellow end of the earplug to the special filter. The filter allows lower-level sounds to pass with limited interruption but high-level impulsive noises are restricted. The more intense the impulse, the more it is limited.

Some of the FAQ’s Addressed in their now removed document

How does the CAE protect my hearing from weapons fi re or explosions in the Open/Weapons Fire mode?

The blast energy (impulse noise) must pass through two precision holes that fi lter the more hazardous sound energy. Think of the reduction of this sound energy as sound friction which increases as the impulse noise becomes louder. Meanwhile, lower level sounds like conversation get through the filter relatively unchanged.

How protective is the CAE in the Open/Weapons Fire mode?

The level-dependent technology used in the earplug has been tested and found to be protective up to approximately 190dBP for outdoor exposures (sufficient to cover most of the weapons in the military inventory, including shoulder-fired rockets).

The question arises as to why 3M knowingly manufactured, marketed and sold these defective military earplugs to the US Military Logistics Agency, as was published in the allegations arising from the Whistleblower lawsuit, as well as the reporting of hearing damage and loss by veterans who served during the mentioned time periods. And who were issued with these military earplugs?

Below is the original specification document for the Dual-Ended Combat ArmsTM Earplugs

Note – This document was originally published on the 3M website, but was subsequently removed and our attorneys have secured the document for reference and educational purposes only.

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